Primo offers a wide variety of accessories so you can ensure your food tastes great! Take a look at our accessories below or watch our video on Primo Accessories.

Primo GO

The Primo GO is a cradle that offers portability and at-home use without the need for a grill table or cart.

Insert the Oval JR 200 (sold separately) in to the Primo GO. A team of two can then easily use the sturdy carry handles to transport it.

It can be used on a tailgate, picnic table, or even at ground level. For stand-alone use, attach to the Primo GO Base (sold separately).

Primo GO Base

The Primo GO Base couples with the Primo GO and provides additional stability when you need a stand-alone grill on-the-go. It fastens securely to the Primo GO using four pins. Remove the pins and detach for maximum portability.

Primo GO sold separately.

Primo Gourmet Seasonings & Dry Rubs

Primo has partnered with a culinary chef and food scientist to create four distinctive new seasonings. All of the blends use fresh herbs, spices and oils for enhanced natural flavour. 

Primo Grate Cleaning Bar

Designed to last for years with a logo branded wood handle and steel cleaning rod with a rust-resistant coating. The cleaning fork tip easily removes food residue from cooking grate rods and it will not damage porcelain coated grates. With a simple twist, you can also clean the sides of the grate rods. The 23" length keeps a user's hands away from the heat of the charcoal. The Grate Cleaning Bar eliminates the need to replace stainless steel brushes and eliminates the potential health hazard of wire bristles being introduced onto the food (#770).

100% Natural Lump Charcoal

Made from American hardwoods for true wood-fired charcoal flavour. Burns hotter, longer, and cleaner than other brands of lump charcoal and briquette charcoal. Our 100% Natural lump Charcoal also produces less ash than briquette charcoal. Available in 20 lb. bags (#608).

Ash Tool

A "must have" tool to easily clean out the ashes from your grill, or to stir your natural lump charcoal when lit. For use with XL 400, LG 300, JR 200 (#776).

Baking/Pizza Stone

Make authentic wood-fired pizza, bake bread, casseroles, and pies. Available in glazed and unglazed models and in two sizes. 16" Glazed for XL 400, LG 300, Kamado (#338), 16" Unglazed for XL 400, LG 300, Kamado (#348), 13" Glazed for XL 400, LG 300, JR 200, Kamado (#340), 13" Unglazed for XL 400, LG 300, JR 200, Kamado (#350).

Cast Iron Cooking Grate

The half-moon Cast Iron Grate is perfect for searing meats and locking in the juices at high temperatures. It offers higher heat retention, even heat distribution, and faster cooking times. One per box. Comes in specific models for XL 400 (#361), LG 300 (#364), JR 200 (#363).

Cast Iron Griddle

This dual-purpose half-moon Cast Iron Griddle with a smooth and a grooved side allows you to fry, sear and sauté. It offers higher heat retention, even heat distribution, and faster cooking times. One per box. Comes in specific models for XL 400 (#360), LG 300 (#365), JR 200 (#362).

Chicken & Turkey Sitters

Designed to infuse added flavour and moisture into whole poultry. Add herbs, spices, garlic or onions to water, juices or beer to make "beer can" chicken. Most whole chickens can be roasted at 175°C (350°F)for 60-90 minutes. Chicken Sitter (#336), Turkey Sitter (#337).

Primo Heat Deflector Plates

Converts your grill into an oven, a roaster and a smoker. Use the ceramic Heat Deflector Plates in conjunction with the Heat Deflector Racks for each specific Oval grill model. One set per box. Comes in specific models for Oval XL 400 (#324), Oval LG 300 (#326) and Oval JR 200 (#325).

Primo Heat Deflector Racks

Use the Heat Deflector Racks with the Ceramic Heat Deflector Plates for indirect cooking and they may be used to hold a drip pan. One set per box. Comes in specific models for Oval XL 400 (#333), Oval LG 300 (#316) and Oval JR 200 (#313).

Ceramic Heat Deflector (Kamado)

The Ceramic Heat Deflector Kit turns your Kamado grill into an oven, roaster, or smoker. Includes one ceramic plate and frame per box (#349). For Kamado only. The frame is also sold separately (#331).

Extension Racks

Add up to two extension racks to greatly increase your cooking area. One rack adds over 30% more cooking area and two racks adds over 60%. Made of porcelain-coated steel. One per box. Shown with main cooking grates (not included) Comes in specific models for Oval XL 400 & Kamado (#332), Oval LG 300 & Kamado (#315), Oval Jr 200 (#312).

Multi-Purpose Round Rack (Kamado)

The porcelain-coated steel Multi-Purpose Round Rack is designed to be used both as an extended cooking rack, or it can be inverted for use as a drip pan pack. When inverted a 13" Baking/Pizza Stone (#350) can be added for baking, roasting, or smoking. One per box (# 330).

Rib Rack (5-Slot & 9-Slot)

Our Porcelain-coated Rib Racks are available in 5-Slot and 9-Slot models. Both racks can be stacked in an XL 400 to cook 14 racks of ribs simultaneously. One rack per box. 5-Slot model compatible with XL 400, LG 300, JR 200, Kamado (#342). 9-Slot compatible with XL 400 (#341).

"V" Rack

The "V" Rack is a porcelain-coated dual-purpose rack holds five racks of ribs. Invert the rack to hold large cuts of beef, pork or poultry. Invert the rack as shown here to hold multiple racks of ribs. Compatible with Oval XL 400, Oval LG 300, Kamado (#335).

Cast Iron Firebox Divider

The heavy cast iron Firebox Divider allows you to split the fire box area to create two distinct cooking zones for simultaneous direct and indirect cooking. Also, conserve the amount of natural lump charcoal used for smaller cooks. One per box. Comes in specific models for Oval XL 400 (#334), Oval LG 300 (#344) and Oval JR 200 (#314).

Primo Gasket Replacement Kit

Heat-resistant gasket kit to replace existing gaskets. Installation instructions included with each kit. One kit will replace the gasket material for the base, dome, and dome neck. Each of the two kits are compatible for two grill models. Comes in specific models for Oval XL 400 and Oval LG 300 (#177815), Oval JR 200 and Kamado (#177418).

Grate/Rack Lifter

Easily remove your cooking grate or any of our racks from the grill with the Grate/Rack Lifter. Constructed of chrome-plated steel for years of use. Compatible with all grills (#777).